It's just me...Br. Askar! (for now)

My name is Askar Hussain and I live in the beautiful Central PA, in the United States of America. I've been a techie all along in my career, with an eye towards design!

Alhamdhulillah, I've volunteered to help a few Masajid setup their websites in the past and noticed that while the intention was there to support the Masajid to maintain their website and content, the reality was over a period of time it kind of detoriarated, and felt bad at the struggle our beloved Masajid had to go through to maintain a quality online presence.

Since Allah has blessed me with some know-how on how to do this craft I took it on me a year ago to do something to help our Masajid maintain a quality online presence while improving the interaction the community has with their Masajid.

It was hard work, nights and weekends, with so much sacrifice, and finally Allah's wish was there to get this hard work out to your hands to benefit out of, insha'Allah. I've tried my best to keep things intact, but in case if you notice odd things or things didn't work as intended for you please get in touch with me and I'll be right on to get that to work, insha'Allah.

If you would like to appreciate my hard work I humbly ask you to keep me and my family in your precious Dua.

Shukran, Jazak'Allahu Kh'airan.

Br. Askar
Founder, alMinaret

We hail from the beautiful Central Pennsylvania!